How To Mod KOTOR

If you own “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic” for the PC then you would probably like to know how to mod KOTOR. This big mod will make the game a whole lot more interesting by adding a side quest that will add at least six more hours to the main storyline.  This mod is known as the Brotherhood of Shadow and is a great addition to “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic”.

  1. Start by downloading the Brotherhood of Shadows mod for KOTOR. The latest patch can be located in the forums. Be sure to get the latest 1.5 patch so to avoid as many problems that came with the original KOTOR mod as possible. You'll need to make sure that you have some kind of program such as winzip to open this KOTOR mod and pull out the appropriate files.
  2. Open the Brotherhood of Shadows in your preferred program. Here you will see everything that comes with this KOTOR mod including a notepad document that gives a short description of the mod. If you're curious as to what the mod will actually do you, will want to read this detailed description of the side quest and of how to activate it. You will also see all of the program files you don’t want to mess with, that actually edit KOTOR to make the mod possible. Scroll down until you find the "Install" file and double click it.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the mod into KOTOR. It's just like installing anything else on your computer, and should look very familiar to you. Be sure the install is complete before you click out of it because you don’t want to miss any files!
  4. Startup KOTOR and enjoy your new mod. This is where reading that notepad document will have helped, but if you neglected to, the gist is that you'll need to start searching for the star maps and get three. After you’ve gotten three, go to tatooine, enter the cantina, and go the back right. At the back right, start talking to the alien you find, and begin your new quest!
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