How To Mod Oblivion On Xbox 360

It is possible to learn how to Mod Xbox 360 Oblivion games without too much effort. A computer user can more easily find the tools he needs, but the Xbox owner does not need to feel left out. He can have just as much fun modding Oblivion on the Xbox 360 as the PC user can.  

Things You Will Need to Mod Xbox 360 Oblivion  

  • A Data Cable
  • A USB Drive
  • The Horizon Program
  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • An Intel Computer  

How to Mod Xbox 360 Oblivion:  

  1. Start by downloading the Horizon program. If you have already done this, feel free to skip this step. You can do it again if you feel like wasting your time, but you’d just be overwriting files already on your hard drive.
  2. Plug in the Xbox 360 and turn it on. You do not need to use the Oblivion game disk for this, but you do need to know where these files are stored. Copy the Xbox 360 saved files onto your flash drive. If you can find the ones specific to Oblivion it will save time.  The Xbox gives you few hints about which files belong with which games, although the saves are often coded by date.  Write the likely files down.
  3.  Remove the Flash drive from your Xbox safely.  You probably can just yank the flash drive out of your Xbox. The console won’t explode, but removing a flash drive improperly can mess up files stored on the device.
  4. Plug the flash drive into your desktop PC. Start the Horizon program.  Go to the file menu and select the flash drive. If you do no know the folder per se, use the search tool to find the programs using the date format used by the Xbox 360.  Using this method only helps you find files. It does not guarantee you will find the Oblivion files. You still need to use trial and error to locat the right file.
  5.  Double click on the saved file you believe is your game data. If you get an Oblivion data screen, good. You can change the level, gold and other items using the tool. A user can also manage minor graphic edits.  Save the file. Remove the flash drive from the PC carefully.
  6.  Return to the Xbox 360 to finish Modding Oblivion. Retrieve the Oblivion mod files from your flash drive. If you are asked about whether or not you want to overwrite the existing files, click yes.  Stat your Oblivion game and load the modded Oblivion Xbox 360 file.
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