How To Mod Oblivion

When broken down into several steps, learning how to mod "Oblivion" can be fairly simple. Before you can make your own mod, make sure you have "The Elder Scrolls" construction set. This is the tool used to mod both "Oblivion" and "Morrowind." To download the construction set, look up "The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki." This website contains the download link.

  1. Selecting the Data Files. Want to learn how to mod "Oblivion"? Start by opening "The Elder Scrolls Construction Set." Go to "File," then click "Data." A small window will open. Select the "Oblivion.esm" box and click "OK." The construction set will appear to freeze for a minute. This is because all the items, animations, scripts and more from "Oblivion" are being uploaded. When its done uploading, you should see the Object Window, Render Window and Cell View.
  2. Interiors and Exteriors. Go to the Cell View window (bottom right) and click the drop down box with interiors in it and scroll down to Tamriel. A list of locations will appear. These are exterior locations in Tamriel. Click through several of them or find one that sounds familiar. When selecting one of these cells, you will notice the render window change to the location you choose. Try and find a location with a nice flat surface. Note: If any warning boxes appear when opening a cell, just exit out of them. They are just minor bugs and can be ignored.
  3. Navigating the Render Window. You can't learn how to mod "Oblivion" without knowing your way around the render window. To pan across the map, simply hold spacebar and move your mouse. To rotate, hold shift and move the mouse. Zooming in and out can be controlled by scrolling the mouse wheel. You can shift halfway across cells by pressing the directional keys. Pressing C after clicking an object will center your camera above it. If things appear to be too dark press A to get rid of shadows. 
  4. Items. In the Items window to the left, take some time to look glance at the different categories. All items, nps, doors and houses are found in these categories. How would you like to have an awesome sword? Click "Items," "Weapons," then "Daedric." Click on a daedric longsword and rename its ID to whatever you want. Click "OK," then "Yes" when it asks you to create a new form. Now you have your own sword with the stats of a daedric longsword. Now click on your sword in the same menu and play with its stats. A ridiculous amount of damage is always a good quality to have in a weapon.
  5. Items in the Render Window. Drag your sword from the items window over to the render window and your weapon will be placed in the map. To place your sword on the ground, press "F." When moving items, simply click them and drag them wherever you want them. They can be moved vertically by holding Z or horizontally by holding X. To rotate it hold right click while moving the mouse. Make sure you remember where you placed your sword.
  6. Play Your Mod! Go to File, then save your project in the "Oblivion" Data Folder. Start up the "Oblivion" game and go to Data Files under Play. Double-click your mod in the list and click "OK." Now its time to play. Go find your sword and destroy something!

Modding "Oblivion" has no boundaries. You can basically create your own game from all the features "The Elder Scrolls" construction set offers. The best way to learn more on how to mod "Oblivion" is to experiment with different items and settings. It takes no time to learn how to use all the tools and the functions. If you run into trouble, there are plenty of sites on how to mod "Oblivion."

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