How To Mod A PS3

You can now learn how to mod a PS 3 with absolute freedom. When you mod a PS 3, data from original devices gets loaded on memory chip connected with the PS 3. This backup enables the player to run various games to high levels without needing the original CDs. This makes PS 3, economical for users. Following the simple guidelines below you can mod a PS 3 which is either slim or fat.

Tools and materials required to mod a PS3

  • PlayStation 3 with a 3.41 working firmware
  • Modchip USB for PlayStation 3
  • A FAT32 USB having a Backup Manager File
  • Disc of your favorite game for backup.
  1. Mod a PS3 slim/fat: Take out the disc from your console and turn the power off. This enables the machine to terminate running functions.
  2. For the PS3 slim, you will see that the power chord would have to be removed before the USB is plugged in. For the PS3 fat you will see that the power switch (found at the back of the console) should be switched off.
  3. Check the lights when you Mod a PS 3: Plug in your jailbreak USB and turn on the console, immediately pressing the "Eject" button, which will cause the console to show two LEDs light up. Now the USB LED will turn green, indicating that the jailbreak has been successfully conducted. If the light turns red: This will happen if the power and eject button sequence wasn't properly timed. You'll have to start over if this happens.
  4. Work of the External USB: Wait patiently till it loads. Once it is done booting, plug the external USB with “Backup Manager” setup in the USB port console.
  5. Install Backup Manager:  Now you will need to go to the game menu and click on the icon that says “Install Package Files.” After clicking on installation package files, open manager.pkg. The installation for the “Backup Manager” will begin. When the installation finishes, go back to the game menu. Now you are ready to run “Backup Manager.”
  6. Keep the Backup of your favorite PS3 game: Open the disc tray and put in the disc of the PS3 game you wish to keep a backup of. Now select “O” on the joystick and follow the prompts that appear to know where to keep the backup of your favorite PS3 game.
  7. Use Backup to Run Games: Now you can avoid the hassle of inserting the same disc every time you wish to play a PS3 game. You can just insert any disc and go to game menu to run backup manager. When you go to game menu you will find the games you backed up, play any game by pressing “X” without the disc in the console drive.
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