How To Mod Silent Hunter II

If you like "Silent Hunter II", but wish to add custom modifications to alter the gameplay and make it more enjoyable, you should know how to mod "Silent Hunter II." Mods, or modifications, exist online and are generally free, as they are all user-created. "Silent Hunter II" has a myriad of mods available online which alter your gameplay in varying ways, from changing the color of your main characters outfit to adding new weapons or vehicles.

  1. Start by finding "Silent Hunter II" mods online. These can be found on official forums or user-created fan sites. However, avoid downloading mods from sleazy websites, as these can infect your computer with crippling viruses and malware. Once you find the mod you want, download it.
  2. Every "Silent Hunter II" mod you download is going to be in a compressed format. Before you can install it in "Silent Hunter II," you need to extract it, which can be done using a program called winRAR, which can be downloaded for free on the internet. Once you download it, just run the mod through that and extract it to any location on your computer. 
  3. Now, locate the "read me" file in your "Silent Hunter II" mod. This will contain all necessary instructions on how to install the mod into your game. Generally, this simply involves copying and pasting the mod file into your "Silent Hunter II" base folder. The "read me" file should also contain a list of all mods that are compatible or incompatible with each other, so you know which mods cannot be installed based on which ones you have previously installed.
  4. Once you install the mod, run "Silent Hunter II." If the game is running correctly and you can tell that your mod is working based on its supposed effects, then you know that you have successfully modded "Silent Hunter II".
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