How To Mod Star Trek Armada 2 Ships

Want to know how to mod Star Trek Armada 2 Ships? Star Trek Armada 2 was released amongst the late 1990s/early 2000s Star Trek game boom that included some great hits (Starfleet Command, Elite Force, Bridge Commander) and some extreme misses (New Worlds, Dominion Wars, ConQuest Online).  Many overlooked the game due to early release bugs, but future patches created one of the better licensed real time strategy games on the market.  One of the few drawbacks, though, was the limited number of ships that one could build.  For those that wanted a bit more, modding was in order.  Below are a few quick tips for modders.

1. Starship Modeling

You Will Need:

  • Image Editing Software (Photoshop,, GIMP)
  • Original .SOD File
  • Original .ODF File
  1. While Armada 2 is very much a modable game, you won't find any in-game tools to use.  One actually needs to have a bit of familiarity with the process, along with a number of modification friendly tools (most recommend Photoshop,, and GIMP at a minimum).  Creating your own models and textures is going to require time and skill, and no tutorial can teach that – but as a rule, you will need to remember to add a ".SOD" file and ".odf" file for the new ship.
  2. Edit the Starship Image.  This means editing an original ".SOD" file.  You will need to use the appropriate tools (as listed above) to make any changes.

2. Starship Stat Modification

You Will Need:

  • Text Editor (Notepad)
  • .OSD File


  1. The first step is to find the ".OSD" file for a particular ship. It does not really matter which one, as you will be doing some fairly extensive modifications.
  2. Step Two to the mod will be changing the unit name and tool tips – change it to whatever you like, but make sure to follow the general format of the ".OSD" file itself. After that, modifying the various settings to your heart's content.  You can add crew, hit points, tweak costs, you name it. 
  3. When you finish, simply save the new file with the name of your new craft, and it will show up in game!

While it may be difficult to craft new textures, making new starship classes on the fly through stat manipulation is fairly simple.  Always remember to back up the original files, and do not be afraid to re-install the game if you have gone too far.  With a little practice, you can create a custom fleet for your game.

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