How To Mod A Xbox

If you want to hack your Xbox to achieve even more capabilities, then you should know how to mod an Xbox. The Xbox is a powerful piece of machinery, and can be easily modified to have a host of other capabilities that are not normally usable, such as using it as a media player. Of course, Microsoft disapproves of modding your Xbox, which is why once you mod your Xbox, the warranty is rendered void, and Microsoft will not repair your Xbox should something go wrong. 

To Mod a Xbox, you will need:

  • An Xbox
  • An original (retail) copy of "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell"
  • The Action Replay Kit
  • A home network router (with free ethernet cable and network cable)
  1. Find where the softmod installer and XBMC downloads are. This can be done using any IRC client (such as the Chatzila extension for Firefox). Type "/". This should connect you to EFNet. Once there, type "/j #bins". Right after, proceed by typing "/msg xbinx !list". This should now send you a private message with two sets of FTP login details.
  2. Now, proceed by downloading and extracting the installer and XBMC. Regardless of your FTP client, go to the first location you recieved from xbinx and download the archive for the softmod. Once it downloads, disconnect and login to the second FTP server and download the XBMC archive. These will be in a compressed format, so use an RAR extractor (such as winRAR) to extract them to any location on your computer.
  3. Now, install the Action Replay software on your computer. Plug in the USB and place a couple of files from the "PC Database" column of your Action Replay software. Doing this adds a "LINUX_Profile" as a save file to the "Splinter Cell" folder as well as a folder that will be named "Linux Installer". Now place the Linux Installer to the memory card column.
  4. Now transfer the Linux Installer to your Xbox. Plug the memory card of the Action Replay kit into a controller for the Xbox. Start up the Xbox and go into the memory area. Choose the Linux Installer saved game, and copy it and save it to the Xbox's hard drive. Shut down your Xbox, and repeat the same process using the Splinter Cell Linux_Profile. You need to do them one at a time as the memory card for the Action Replay kit is too small to hold both simultaneously.
  5. Proceed by exploting Splinter Cell. Insert the Splinter Cell CD into your Xbox, and start the game. When choosing a profile, it will show one named "Linux". Choose this one and select "Check Points". In the menu that follows, click 'install softmod'. While installing, do not shut down the Xbox. Once it installs, select 'Install UnleashX' from the menu, and this will replace the dashboard. Now restart your Xbox. Congratulations, you have successfully modded your Xbox
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