How To Modify Car Amplifier

You just  installed your sound system and you want to know how to modify car amplifiers. Overall, amplifiers enhance your stereo sound. They give a more detailed and crisp sound to your music than just regular speakers. Modifying an amplifier correctly is the difference between good sounding music and great sounding music. Good car amplifiers makes you favorite music stand out that much more. If you have been wanting than clean, crisp, cut sound on your car amplifier, you can have it in a few simple steps.

To modify car amplifiers you will need:

  • car audio system
  • amplifier
  • music cd or radio
  1. Make sure you amplifier connections are at their best. Double check to make sure everything is hooked up properly. Your power cables and your RCA audio cables need to be plugged in tight and secure. Make sure you have used newly upgraded cables and wires and nothing old, run down, or taped together. If you have high quality cables and wires, then you will get the best quality performance out of your amplifier.
  2. Adjust your car amplifier gain. Adjusting the gain control gives you one of the best sounds that you can get from an amplifier. Turn the gain control on your amplifier all the way down. Set the volume control on you radio to about 80% then slowly turn the gain up until you hear distortion. Once you hear distortion turn the gain control down one notch at a time until you no longer hear distortion. Your gain is now set.
  3. Adjust the high- and low-pass filters. The filters on your car amplifier determine the frequency range that is sent to your speakers. The smaller the speaker the higher the frequency, the larger the speaker the lower the frequency can handle. When  you adjust the frequencies range, adjust them greater or lower to your liking and desire. The High-pass filter frequencies adjustments are sent to your front speakers. The Low-pass filter frequencies adjustments are sent to your rear speakers. Make whatever adjustments you are most comfortable with.
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