How To Modify GM 700R4 Automatic Transmissions

So you want to learn how to modify a GM 700r4 automatic transmission? The GM 700r4 automatic transmission is popular in street rods. Although this task may seem difficult a few simple steps will have you GM 700r4 automatic transmission modified and ready to run.

To modify a GM 700r4 automatic transmission, you will need:

  • Parts Cleaner
  • Brush
  • Wrench set
  • Rachet Set
  1. Cleaning. The first thing you want to do is take the GM 700R4 automatic transmission apart and clean it. Make sure you don’t need to replace anything before you rebuild it.
  2. The shift kit. A GM 700R4 automatic transmission from the factory was made to slip the clutches and make smooth easy shift.  A shift kit disables the transmission from slipping the clutches thus reducing heat, making your clutches last longer and makes the transmission shift faster.
  3. The Corvette servo. A Corvette servo is a hydraulically actuated piston that puts more pressure on the clutches also making it shift quicker and more consistent.
  4. The manual valve body conversion. A GM 700R4 automatic transmission from the factory does not have shifters to change gears. A manual conversion puts a shifter on the floor so you can shift gears manually.
  5. A  torque converter. A torque converter under foot braking will  load the converter to a certain RPM (1500-4000rpm usually) to build power for a harder faster launch. They also make for more fun cars on the street.
  6. The clutch pack kits. New clutch packs will make the GM 700R4 automatic transmission shift faster, launch faster, and possibly hold more power.
  7. A new transmission. A new transmission can be purchased  or send yours in to be professionally built. Buying a new transmission will cost more but is a brand-new transmission with 0 miles. A new transmission can have 350-400hp to 800-900hp just take out of the crate. Add the torque converter of your choice, connect it to the motor and driveshaft and go drive.
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