How To Modify An iPhone Backup

Many folks want to know how to modify an iPhone backup. After all, the data you store in your iPhone is dynamic and changes often. You want to be sure it's backed-up with the latest changes, and that you can modify the back-up at will. So, how does this work? When the Apple iTunes application takes a backup of your iPhone, your applications, pictures, music and all other data is copied to your computer, via the USB cable, and then protected on your computer's hard drive. You'll see that to modify an iPhone backup is exceedingly simple and can be done in just a few short moments.

In order to modify an iPhone backup you will need:

  • Your iPhone
  • A USB data cable
  • A computer with Internet access
  • The latest version of Apple's iTunes
  1. Start your computer. Start your computer and log in. If your computer is password protected, supply the password and go to the desktop. Wait for a moment to allow background service to start properly.
  2. Connect iPhone. Take the USB cable that came with your iPhone and connect it to a free USB port on the computer. Connect the other end to your iPhone. Your computer will automatically detect the iPhone and install any needed drivers.
  3. Open iTunes. To modify an iPhone backup, you must use Apple's iTunes application which is used to manage your iPhone. To start the iTunes application, click on "Start," "All Programs," then look for a folder called "iTunes" and click on it. Once the folder opens, click on the "iTunes" icon to start the application.
  4. Locate phone in iTunes. Look at the left hand column and look for "Devices." Locate your iPhone, which will appear as the name you gave it, for example "My Phone." This is the place to modify an iPhone backup.
  5. Open iPhone settings page. Click on your phone's name, for example, "My Phone," and notice that the screen is now displaying information about your iPhone, such as version number and serial number.
  6. Modify iPhone backup data. On the top of the page, click on "Info" to open the list of changes you can make. Select the option you want to modify on your iPhone, which will then be modified in your new backup. For example, scroll down to "Advanced" and replace "Contacts" which will copy your computer contacts to your iPhone. Once you finish modifying your iPhone's information, go to the top of the page and click on "Summary." When you are back on the "Summary" page, click "Sync" to commit the changes. Your backup will now be modified as well.
  7. Modify iPhone backup password. On the "Summary" page you can also modify your iPhone backup by setting a new password or changing an existing password.
  8. iTunes process to modify an iPhone backup. Each change you make to your iPhone will modify your iPhone backup automatically. You can think of this process as automatic protection. When you connect your iPhone to the computer and start iTunes, notice how a backup is taken during the normal sync process. It is the simplest way to modify an iPhone backup.
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