How To Modify Softball Bats

Many softball players would like to know how to modify their softball bats, not for any nefarious purposes or anything, just to “play around with”. Well one of the most common ways to modify your bat is by shaving the barrel of the bat.

Warning: Modifying your bat in this way is illegal in most softball leagues, and you could get permanently banned for cheating. This process could also greatly reduce the life span of your bat by breaking down the walls of the barrel.

What you’ll need to modify softball bats:

  • Lathe
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  1. Start by taking the tip of the barrel off of the bat. This process can be different for different bats, some unscrew and some you will need the flathead screwdriver to pop it off. If using the flathead screwdriver, be gentle about popping the end off being careful not to put a crack in the tip by forcing it off at one place. It is recommended that you go all the around the tip and gently popping it off at a different location.
  2. Put the bat without the tip and push it onto the lathe. Be sure to stop when you hit the end of the lathe being careful not to forcefully hit the bat against the end, possibly causing damage to the barrel.
  3. Use the lathe to wear down the walls of the bat. Be sure to only wear down no more than an inch of the bat to make sure it won’t crack with it hits a ball. This process will allow the bat to be more flexible when hitting the ball and give the ball a bigger bounce, making for more speed!
  4. Dump the excess wood out of the bat. This will make sure no one can hear something in your bat, and to make sure there aren’t any weight issues with the bat.
  5. Put the tip back on the barrel of the bat. Screw it on if that’s how your bat works. If you have to push the tip back into the bat, make sure to only apply enough pressure for it to go on slower, to keep the bat from getting damaged. 
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