How To Moisturize The Nostril

If you find the your nostrils are dry, you will want to learn how to moisturize the nostril. There are several reason a nostril can become dry. Allergies, sinus problems, and even flying on an airplane can cause your nostrils to dry out. The dryness is uncomfortable. Moisturizing your nostrils will bring the relief you need.

You will need the following items to moisturize the nostril:

  • Neti pot
  • 1/2 tsp. non-iodized salt
  • 2 cups warm water
  • Towel
  • Petroleum jelly

Follow these steps to moisturize the nostril:

  1. Mix your non-iodized salt (sea salt works well) with your warm water. Don't use cold water as this will be uncomfortable when placed in the nostril.
  2. Pour the mixture in to your Neti pot.
  3. Tilt your head to the left, and insert the spout of the Neti pot in to your right nostril. Pour half of the liquid in.
  4. Hold a towel under your left nostril, as this is where the liquid will come back out.
  5. Tilt your head to the right, and insert the spout of the Neti pot in to your left nostril. Pour the last half of the liquid in.
  6. Hold a towel under your right nostril to catch the liquid that comes back out.
  7. Repeat this once or twice per day to moisturize your nostril.
  8. Coat the tips of your nostrils before bed with petroleum jelly to keep them moist while you are sleeping.


  • It can also be helpful to set up your humidifier while you sleep. This will keep the air that you breathe moist so that your nostrils do not become to dry.
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