How To Monitor Computer Usage

If you're a concerned parent or an employer, you may be interested in knowing how to monitor computer usage. Whether you're trying to control your children's online activities or a business owner attempting to maximize workplace productivity and prevent employees from goofing off, there are a variety of tools available for you to keep an eye on those for whom you are held responsible. This guide will show you how to monitor computer usage effectively and surreptitiously.

To monitor computer usage, you will need:

  • A network router
  • Key-logger
  • Parental control software
  • A Virtual Network Computing (VNC) program


  1. Observe internet usage on your network. One way to monitor computer usage is through the most passive and hard to detect method—by seeing where people on your network are browsing to. Some consumer-grade network routers keep very accurate records of what web sites were accessed and when.
  2. Install a key-logger. Programs exist to monitor computer usage by recording a user's keystrokes. Obtain and install one of these utilities to know exactly what your employee or child is actually typing.
  3. Use parental controls. Parental control software exists that will monitor computer usage for you and report to you what your children are doing.
  4. See exactly what someone is doing in realtime. Install a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) program on a computer you wish to watch. This will allow you to see exactly what a computer user is doing, while they're doing it.


Tips and warnings:

  • Parental control programs tend to be more easily noticed since they also alert children by blocking access to unwanted websites.
  • There are laws to be taken into consideration when you monitor computer usage at the workplace. It is wise to consult an attorney in order to reduce your potential exposure to any potential legal issues.



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