How To Moonwalk

You don’t have to be the greatest dancer to learn how to moonwalk. The trick is to make sure the rest of your body barely move, or at least shift slightly as if you are walking. Your feet and legs should do most of the work. The moonwalk is an old break dancing move that Michael Jackson popularized when he slid across the stage during his performance of “Billie Jean” at a televised special honoring Motown in 1983. The dance move is pretty simple, and with a little practice, you will be sliding around the dance floor like the King of Pop himself.

To moonwalk, you will need:

  • A slick surface (wood or linoleum floor)
  • Socks or dress shoes
  1. Prepare your dance space. You will want to make sure you have a fair amount of space to practice the moonwalk. You will want to choose a floor that is easy to slide on, such as wood, linoleum, or tile. Make sure to clear furniture or any other obstructions from your practice area. The best way to practice the moonwalk on these types of floors is by wearing slick dress shoes or socks.

  2. Get into the starting position. The moonwalk creates the illusion that you are taking steps forward while your body moves backwards. To begin, stand towards the front of your dance floor, making sure your feet are close together.

  3. Start the first step. To take your first step, move your right foot back to align the toes with your left heel. Lift your right heel up off of the floor, keeping your toes and the ball of your foot pressed down. Your left foot should stay in the same, flat position.

  4. Slide your left foot back. Shift all of your weight onto the ball of your right foot, making your left foot almost weightless. Make sure not to lift your left foot up off of the floor. With your weight on your right foot, push back, sliding your left foot backwards until your toes pass your right foot by a few inches.

  5. Take the next step. As soon as your left foot reaches the back position, bring your right heel down, while at the same time, bringing your left heel up to the first step position. Your right foot should now be flat, and the ball of your left foot should be pressing down on the floor.

  6. Moonwalk to your heart’s content. With your left foot in the first step position, and your right foot flat, repeat the same sliding steps, alternating between each foot. The key to making the moonwalk look good is to move your upper body naturally, the way you would if you were walking forward.



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