How Motorcycle Exhaust System Works

We appreciate motorcycle manufacturers as we learn how motorcycle exhaust system works. A motorcycle exhaust system works to vent gases produced by the engine into the atmosphere. The gases go through a number of processes to make them less harmful to the environment.

Fuel combustion is a process, which produces a lot of sound and harmful gases. The motorcycle exhaust system works to expel gases, produced by the engine in a better form. Here we will discuss how a factory fitted motorcycle exhaust system works. These are engine and environment friendly. The basic function of a motorcycle exhaust system is to change the harmful gases into a less poisonous form. The other important factor taken into account is sound pollution. A special chamber in a motorcycle exhaust system cuts down rigid sonic waves, to give a better sound byproduct.

The structure of a motorcycle exhaust system is rather simple. The main part is an exhaust pipe, which is usually made of stainless steel. This pipe gives passage to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, through the exhaust system, finally releasing them in the environment. Depending on the power generated, motorcycles will have two to four of these pipes. Each one is situated on the cylinders to give better expulsion.

 A number of pipes collect the engine waste and feed it into one pipe. These smaller pipes are called the exhaust manifold. They depend on the cylindrical capacity of the bike. The bigger pipe it joins is the exhaust pipe.

Two basic gadgets are attached to the pipe. These work to improve motorcycle exhaust system quality. The muffler is a cylinder-shaped part that has a shaft rotation. The sound waves striking its walls lose intensity. The waves cancel each other and the result is a smoother auditory effect.

To change the chemical composition of the waste, a gadget called “Catalytic converter” is used. This is also assembled inside the exhaust pipe of the motorcycle exhaust system. This is equipped with material to transform carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and certain hydrocarbons into water vapor.

A third device called the oxygen sensor is mounted in the motorcycle exhaust system. This checks the amount of oxygen expelled to determine the amount of fuel to be fed. Less fuel injection due to the action of the oxygen sensor increases fuel economy. The oxygen sensor is either fixed in the exhaust manifold or near the expulsion point of the exhaust pipe. 



Exhaust System Theory

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