How A Motorcycle Oil Tank Works

At some point, most motorcycle owners will wonder how a motorcycle oil tank works. This is important information to understand because understanding the functioning of your motorcycle will help you avoid accidentally damaging it. The oil tank of a motorcycle works differently than cars and other vehicles, the following guide explains how a motorcycle oil tank works.

  1. Most motorcycle oil tanks work through a unique gravity feed system. This means that the oil travels down the supply line due to the pressure caused by the oil's own weight.  Due to the intense pressure, it's extremely important not to overfill a motorcycle oil tank. This can cause the cap to burst off of the tank.
  2. The oil tank itself is used only to store the oil and keep it cool. It also allows air bubbles to rise to the top of the tank, which prevents oil and air from mixing, which can reduce the effectiveness of the motorcycle's oil.
  3. Eventually the oil reaches the oil pump, which pushes the oil through the system after gravity is no longer enough.
  4. The oil pump puts pressure on the oil and forces it back into the motorcycle's oil tank. Before returning to the tank, the oil is usually forced through a filter, which cleans and purifies the oil so that it lasts longer and keeps the engine cleaner.
  5. A vent line is also connected to the tank, which keeps the oil flowing smoothly by preventing vapor lock from the build up of oil vapors.



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