How To Motorize A Bicycle

If you like to bicycle but hate getting sweaty, then you may want to learn how to motorize a bicycle. You can still pedal all you want but when you come to a steep hill all you have to do is twist the throttle and you will have enough power to take you too the top. You will feel like Lance Armstrong except you got the power of a gas motor on your side.

To motorize a bicycle you will need:

  • A Bicycle
  • A Bolt on Motor kit
  • Basic hand tools
  • Patience
  1. Choose your bicycle. You can use almost any type of bicycle to motorize. Mountain bikes and beach cruisers seem to be the most popular bicycles to motorize.
  2. Order a bicycle engine kit online. You can find bolt on motor kits specifically designed for bicycles. The most popular range of engine sizes range from 48cc to 80cc.. You can also choose whether you want to use a two stroke engine or a four stroke engine.
  3. Install the rear sprocket that came with your bicycle motor kit.
  4. Install extra wide cranks if you are mounting a motor underneath the bicycle frame as opposed to a rear mount motor. The wider cranks will keep you from hitting the engine when you are out riding the bicycle.
  5. Install the engine mounting plate. Make sure that it is solidly mounted and level.
  6. Set motor on to the engine mounting plate. When engine is fitted on to the mounting plate you then need to bolt the motor on.
  7. Measure and cut the chain to fit you bicycle and motor. It is easier to remove a few links of the chain then to extend a chain. When you get the fit of your chain close you should use a chain breaker to remove any links. When measuring chain length you need to use a chain tensioner to properly fit the chain.
  8. Mount the gas tank on the top tube of your bicycle.
  9. Install the throttle grips on to your handlebars. Connect the throttle cables and the clutch cables to the motor.
  10. Fill the engine with oil and other fluids as directed by the instructions that come with your bicycle motor.

Each motorcycle kit will come with instructions as some of the installation techniques will vary. You may also have to make slight modifications to the frame depending on the type of motor and bicycle you use. To motorize a bicycle will enable you to ride greater distances. You can expect to get anywhere from 75 mpg to well over a 100 mpg. The low cost of a motorized bicycle along with the high fuel economy make it a great deal. If you motorize a bicycle you can save a lot of money over time on your commute to work.

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