How To Mount Alpine Ski Bindings

Do you want to know how to mount alpine ski bindings? The bindings allow your ski boot to stay attached to the ski while skiing, and they eventually release them in the case of a fall, to prevent an injury caused by the skis twisting and forcing your knees and ankles. The secret lies on a set of springs that keeps them just tight enough to ski, and can be set to the skier´s preference.

To mount alpine ski bindings you will need:

  • A pair of alpine skis.
  • A pair of alpine bindings, with the necessary screws.
  • A set of flat and Philips screw drivers, big in size. Always use the proper screwdriver to avoid damaging the screws.
  • A work bench, strong enough to hold the weight of the skis, boots and some pressure.

The steps to mount alpine ski binding, you have to:

  1. Place one ski on top of the bench facing up.
  2. Locate the mounting holes. Take a look at the bindings to determine if there´s coincidence between the holes on the skis and those you need for the bindings.
  3. If there´s coincidence, keep going with step 4. If not, you either have to drill the skis and epoxi nuts in the skis or take the skis to your local shop to do the job. Consider that a hole a couple of millimeters deeper than necessary will turn your brand new skis into junk. I´d recommend taking them to the shop.
  4. Once you have located the mounting holes, check that the screws are right for the job. Screws too long can brake the base, and screws too short can let the bindings loose.
  5. Nowadays most bindings have a plate mounting system, that means that a rail is screwed to the skis, and the actual bindings run through those rails to fit most sizes of boot. So screw the plate making sure that the front of the binding will face the front of the ski.
  6. At a first stage tighten the screws moderately, to make sure they are well placed. It´s quite common to find dust or rabble in the skis nuts, so check before you put a lot of pressure. Again, you are dealing with the life of your skis here.
  7. Once you´ve screwed both the forward and aft parts of the binding, check if the distance between them is right for your boots. If so, you can tighten every screw permanently. If not, find the right setting and screw them again.
  8. Check the bindings for lateral movement.
  9. Click the boots on the bindings and lift the skis by the boots. If they move or release, you´ll have to start over.

Don´t forget to find the proper binding release adjustment. It´s usually indicated by a scale on the front part of the binding which can be adjusted with a philips screw.

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