How To Mount Deer Antlers

If you want to display your prized deer antlers proudly, then you need to know how to mount deer antlers. Are you the type of person who loves to display trophies but does not want to spend a ton of money on mounting them? If the answer is yes, then we want you to know that there are ways that you can avoid the expensive taxidermist. Learning how to mount deer antlers is not only a way to save a ton of money, but also providing you with a fun and family friendly project.

To mount deer antlers, you will need:

  • wooden board
  • screws
  • drill
  • glue
  • marker
  • hand saw

How to mount deer antlers:

  1. There is nothing complicated about mounting deer antlers. All you need to know is that with appropriate tools and materials, you can finish it in half a day. Therefore, you need to start gathering the material first.
  2. Buy a precut wooden board. To save you money and time, you might want to buy a high quality wooden plate that is already coated to be weather resistant. You can find those easily at art and craft stores, such as Michaels and ACMoore.
  3. Cut the antler from the deer skull. Now you want to leave about 1/5 to 1/8 of the skull with the antler for later use. If you want to preserve the fur and hair on the skull, then you need to harvest the deer as soon as possible. Dry it up completely. Glue it together if you must.
  4. Drill two to three holes on the skull. The reason we saved the skull is because you need it to secure the antler later. Now comes the final step, secure the antler with screws. Make sure that the screws are long enough, and do not break or fracture the skull at anytime.
  5. Touch up the little details. If there is a discoloration on the fur or unevenness on the skull, you can use common accessories such as marker and glue to touch it up. Make sure that you are not overdoing it. You do not want it to look look artificial.
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