How To Mount A Deer Head

Many hunters know how to kill and dress a deer, but they do not know how to mount a deer head. The step of mounting a deer head can be very costly when you have someone else take on the challenge. However, you can learn how to mount a deer head properly yourself and save the money for your next hunting adventure.

To mount a deer head you will need:

  • A deer mount form from a hunting or taxidermy supply store.

  • Deer head from a recent hunting trip.

  • Mild liquid soap

  • Water

  • Borax

  • Screwdriver

  • Magnesium carbonate

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Soft bristle paint brush

  • Finishing sealant

  • Screws (if they did not come with the deer form).

  • Metal or plastic tub.


  1. Prepare the deer head for mounting. If you have not already done so, you will need to skin the deer head. During the skinning and preparation process you will need to remove as much of the meat, tissue and debris as you can. Take the freshly prepared head and place it into the metal or plastic tub. Fill the tub with boiling water and mild liquid soap. The deer head should be submerged up to the antlers but not beyond that point. Let the skull rest in the boiling soap and water mixture for half an hour to an hour.

  2. Remove the skull and finish cleaning for mounting. After the deer skull has soaked in the soap and water mixture, it's time to finish cleaning it. Remove it from the mixture and use a soft cloth and brush to remove the remaining meat and tissue. Remember to remove all the soap and water mixture from inside the skull.

  3. Borax the deer head. There may be meat, tissue and skin debris left even after the soaking process. To remove the remaining debris, use borax by dusting the borax over the entire deer skull. Let the borax rest on the skull for at least ten minutes. Remove the borax by rinsing and brushing away any leftover borax powder from the deer head.

  4. Complete the final preparation and mount the deer head. Make a mixture of the magnesium and peroxide. Paint the mixture onto the skull using a soft bristle paint brush. You will need to repeat this step at least four times, but possibly five, depending on the brightness level you would like to see on the skull. Rinse the mixture from the deer head in between each application. Spray the sealant onto the skull and allow it dry. Reapply if necessary. Mount the deer head onto the mounting plaque according to the instructions by the manufacturer. Hang the deer head mount in the desired location.


Wildlife Artistry refers to this process as the European mounting process. There are several processes including American, full body style, antler style, upright and sneak. Each method has a different set of steps and preparation required and can take as little as an afternoon or as much as an entire weekend. Regardless of the style you choose, learning how to mount a deer head is a vital step to the affordability and display of your hunting triumphs.

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