How To Mount A Deer

If you want to start a taxidermy business, then you definitely need to know how to mount a deer. Aside from fish, deer will most likely be your biggest money maker. Taxidermy isn't just a business, but an art as well. You'll need to learn the skills required to successfully mount a deer.

  1. Learn by watching. One of the best ways to learn how to mount a deer is by watching someone else do it. If being there in person isn't an option, purchase deer mounting videos for reference. Videos are a great learning tool for the beginning taxidermist because you have the ability to watch them an indefinite amount of times.
  2. Patients are a must. Mounting a deer, or any other animal, requires extreme patients. Never rush to complete your work because one single mishap can ruin the mount. Steady hands and an eye for detail must always remain vital. From start to finish, a deer mount can take months to properly complete.
  3. Multiple skills are required. Knowing how to mount a deer involves skinning, fleshing, chemical handling, measuring, tanning, sewing and painting.
  4. Learn by doing. Watching videos and reading reference material cannot replace hands-on experience. To know how to mount a deer, you must personally do it. Many techniques and options exist today that will aid you in your quest. Experiment with different methods and choose the one most comfortable for you.

Tips: Practice on your own specimens before attempting to mount someone else's. Don't be intimidated by everything demanded from a successful taxidermist. Anyone can learn this wonderful craft and the rewards of self-accomplishment are like no other.



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