How To Mount A Motorcycle With A Passenger

Knowing how to mount a motorcycle with a passenger means that you and a guest can both enjoy the call of the road. Most motorcycle enthusiasts love to share their passion for the bike and open highway and there's no better way than to have a passenger climb aboard and show them why you love your bike. Learning how to mount a motorcycle with a passenger is key to getting out there with the rest of the pack!

  1. Make sure your passenger is in safety gear. Before you mount a motorcycle with a passenger, it's your job to make sure the fellow motorcycle rider is in safety gear which adequately protects from spills or other motorcycle hazards such as bugs or rocks. At the very least, the passengers feet should be covered in heavy shoes, long pants should be worn (leather is always best, but jeans work too), a protective jacket donned and a motorcycle helmet secured. If the motorcycle helmet does not have a face shield, make sure the passenger's eyes are protected with some sort of goggles or glasses.
  2. Teach your passenger where the exhaust pipe is! Make 100% sure that your passenger steers away from the exhaust pipe which can leave a nasty burn right through their pants.
  3. Mount the motorcycle first and securely plant both feet on the ground. This will allow you more stability as the passenger mounts the bike. Have your passenger put a foot on the foot peg and slide onto the seat behind you. Lean the other way to counterbalance the bike as your passenger climbs aboard.
  4. Put up the kickstand and give it some gas! Once your passenger is securely on board and holding on, you're free to head out and show them why you love riding a motorcycle.
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