How to Mount Subwoofers

Learning how to mount subwoofers can transform any car’s so-so stereo system into an amazing audio experience. Of course, this is a weekend project for the do-it-yourselfer who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and maybe even resort to some unorthodox methods of rigging the speaker boxes. Discovering how to mount subwoofers begins with collecting the needed hardware.

  • Subwoofers with box and wiring kit
  • Amplifier
  • Velcro straps, bungee cords or other industrial-strength ties
  • Toolbox

Once all the gear is ready to go, it is time to get started discovering how to mount subwoofers in general, and in your vehicle, in particular.

  1. Decide on box placement. The trunk is perhaps the most common venue when learning how to mount subwoofers, but other options include a space behind the front or back seats. Remember that subwoofer mounts are rather big, so be prepared to give up a good chunk of vehicular real estate.
  2. Use Velcro straps to secure the subwoofer box. Cable ties work in a pinch, but you’d need to cut them every time you want to move the box. Bungee cords are sometimes difficult to work with in confined spaces, so Velcro is still your best bet.
  3. Follow the wiring schematic and discover how to mount subwoofers to amplifiers. If the amplifier is in the car itself but you plan on keeping the subwoofer in the trunk, remember to cut a sufficient length of wire from the wiring kit. It is a good idea to add an additional three feet of wire, loop it, and secure it with a twist tie or small Velcro strap. This way you can move the subwoofer out of the trunk, if needed, without detaching it from the amplifier.
  4. Ground the amplifier. This prevents unpleasant surprises such as blown fuses or blown speakers.
  5. Verify adherence to the wiring diagram and test out the unit. Before turning on anything it is a good idea to verify that negative is hooked to negative; verify that all wiring is accounted for and all connections are according to the wiring diagram. Turn on the car stereo system and test out the new audio experience.

Some tutorials that teach newbies how to mount subwoofers suggest screwing the box into the trunk area. This is a dangerous undertaking since it is possible to damage the fuel line, fuel pump or even the car’s electrical system. Whenever possible, rely on straps rather than screws.

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