How To Mount A Winch On An ATV

You need your ATV to do some heavy lifting and want to know how to mount a winch on an ATV. A winch will help make it easier when you need to haul a lot of things, especially heavy things. This will make it go a lot faster and will prevent you from making a lot of extra trips, which can save you lots of time. It can be a little challenging trying to mount a winch on an ATV, but with the right tools, it can be done.

To mount a wrench on an ATV you need:

  • winch
  • mounting plate
  • ratchet set
  1. Install the mounting plate. The front support bars is where you need to place the mounting plates. Tighten and secure the winch to the mounting plate with the brackets supplied using the ratchet set. Next, connect the winch wires to the ATV.
  2. Connect the six-gauge wires to the winch. Carefully connect the positive wire to the positive input on the ATV, and then the negative wire to the negative input. This runs the electricity from the ATV to the winch motor and connects the power switch. To hide the wires, you can lead them along the inside of the right fender behind the winch and mounting plate, and then underneath the seat to the contractor box.
  3. Connect the wires to the contractor box. Lead the red and black positive and negative wires from your ATV to connect to the contractor box. To connect the wires, first you will need to unscrew the connectors on the contractor box. The connector box can help the winch to work even when the engine isn't running.
  4. Set up the power switch. The handle bars is a good place to place the power switch, but place it wherever it is most convenient for you. If placing the power switch on the handle bars, make sure you put the wiring where the rest of the handle bar wiring is installed.
  5. Test your winch. Turn the winch on your ATV on to make sure that it is working. If necessary, begin to test the wires that you have installed to make sure everything is connected right.


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