How To Mountain Bike Downhill

If you plan on taking your mountain bike out on a trail, you should learn how to mountain bike downhill. If done correctly, mountain biking downhill is safe and easy. Practice taking your mountain bike down small hills, before trying a large descent on a trail.

  1. Shift into a high gear. This will keep your chain from falling off.
  2. Place your pedals at 3 O'clock and 9 O'clock. Stand up on your pedals while they are in this position.
  3. Bend your knees. Absorb the bumps with your legs.
  4. Keep your weight towards the back of the bike. To avoid your back wheel slipping try to keep weight in the rear area of the mountain bike.
  5. Apply pressure to the brakes evenly and slowly. Do not pull back on only the front brake or the rear brake. This could case you to fall when you mountain bike downhill.
  6. Stay in control of the bike. Do not try to steer into gentle turns, use your body to lean into the turns instead.

The more times you practice taking your mountain bike downhill, the better you will become at doing it. Most problems come from a rider panicking and braking too hard causing the rider to be thrown off the bike. Allow the hill to guide your way, you only need to apply enough brake pressure to keep you in control of the mountain bike, while going downhill. If you follow these tips for mountain biking downhill and practice before you hit the trail, you can have a great mountain biking experience.



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