How To Move Hyperlinks Form One Document To Another

If you want to know how to move hyperlinks from one document to another, you're in luck, because it's very easy once you follow a few easy steps.

You have a few options in front of you, some easier than others. Start with step one, and if that easiest option doesn't work out, move along the list and eventually you'll have a fully working hyperlink moved from one document to another.

  1. Copy and paste! Usually, it's as easy as that. Just highlight the original hyperlink in the original document, click "Edit, Copy" or press Ctrl+C. Move into your target document and move your blinking cursor to your desired location. Click "Edit, Paste" or press Ctrl+V, and you should be good to go. Be sure to check and see that your hyperlink works. In most programs you can just click on the hyperlink. In Microsoft Word you'll usually need to hold Ctrl when you click.
  2. No luck? If you don't mind the unsightly raw text of the link, you can just go to the hyperlink that the original document points to, copy the address, and then go to your target document and paste the raw link in. If the raw text doesn't automatically convert itself to a hyperlink, highlight the text and right click the highlighted area. Click the option to edit hyperlinks, and confirm. You can also use this method to highlight regular text and then add the hyperlink destination to the hyperlink settings.
  3. Not a web hyperlink that you're using? Open the hyperlink settings on the original document to figure out how the original hyperlink is formatted. In your destination document, do your best to copy the format into a new hyperlink. If the first two steps didn't work, this is a long shot, but it's the last thing you have left to try.

With these three steps you should be able to handle even the most complex and stubborn hyperlinks and easily copy them from one document to another!


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