How To Move My Big Screen TV

You are about to relocate, and need to know the easiest and safest way as to how to move my big screen TV. When moving a big screen TV, you want to consider the safety of yourself and others as well as that of your television. You've invested so much money into your big screen TV and so much time watching and enjoying all the exciting entertainment to waste it all on a ruined set. Successfully moving your TV does not require miracle. As long as you pad it, cover it, pack it and move your TV properly, you should be able to safely get it to its new location.

To have a successful move with your big screen TV, you will need:

  • blankets or furniture pads
  • dolly
  • plenty of helping hands
  • straps
  • packing or duck tape
  1. Unplug the big screen TV and make sure that it is moved out and away from any walls or other furniture. Tuck or fold the cord out of the way so it can't be tripped over.
  2. Padding the TV. Place the padding on the floor and have your helpers sit the TV on top of the pads, in it's upright position. Bring the pads over the top and over the sides of the TV to cover it in its entirety. Pad the TV well enough to make sure it is well protected to keep it from being damaged if it is accidentally punctured. Use packing tape or duck tape to secure the pads over the big screen TV. Be careful to not get tape directly on the TV for this could damage the TV.
  3. Put the TV on the dolly. Push the dolly up as close a possible next to the TV. With the screen facing away from the dolly, lift the TV up carefully and slowly with as many hands as you need. Place and center the TV on the dolly while pushing it all the way back on the dolly.
  4. Attach the straps around the big screen TV, and secure it tightly on the dolly. You want the straps to be secure but not so snug that it squeezes the TV.
  5. Move the TV. Pull the dolly carefully to the truck with the screen leaning back. Make sure your helpers stay close around the big screen TV, just in case they are needed to assist with the dolly. Once the TV is on the truck, remove the straps and the dolly, and place the TV securely in a safe place away from sharp objects.  
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