How To Move A Pool Table

If that behemoth of a billiard isn't working out so well, why not figure out how to move a pool table quick? As the field for cue sports, a pool table is made from wooden top, legs, and "billiard cloth" (commonly mistaken for felt). For those without the proper weight-lifting experience, how to tackle a pool table might seem like quite the conundrum. Enough of the talk though, let's move a pool table while being safe and fast.

You need the following to move a pool table:

  • Pool table
  • Friends (presumably that have either weight-lifting/wood-working skills)
  • Screw driver
  • Dolly
  • Owner's manual for your pool table
  1. Be safe. Assure that you want to move your pool table without the help of a professional moving company. Sure they might charge a good nickel or two, but it's worth it if you can't find friends who have expertise in this field. Wood-working and carpentry skills are a good idea to have in your crew of friends, as this will aid you in taking apart the table. Because of the heavy equipment, you'll also need a friend(s) with weight-lifting capabilities.
  2. Dissemble the table. According to your owner's manual, utilize your phillips/flat head or wrench to unscrew important bolts. Have friends hold the pieces together so they don't fall. The top should be its own part, so try not to tear apart the felt looking for screws and such (you'll need your weight-lifter buddies to tackle that).
  3. Load up the dolly. You can purchase a dolly to move your pool table at any local hardware store. Have your carpenter friends make sure that the pieces are properly detached and loaded with care. Once a sufficient amount of pieces are loaded, roll the dolly towards your secondary (new) location.
  4. Re-assemble. Have the weight-lifters assemble the table's legs first, according to your manual. Pieces should be unloaded one at a time and not all at once to ensure feasibility. You can also use moving pads for the entire set if you can afford/find them in your local hardware store.
  5. Assess. It won't be perfect, so it's important to have both professionals and your carpentry-savvy friends assess the state of your pool table. The top should be fine, but check to see all screws were put back into place. Have the felt top lifted up at once by the strongest personnel.

When you move a pool table utmost care must be taken. Lifting objects must be done with a straight back, and all pressure must be exerted on the legs. Do not hunch over when moving a pool table! Good luck, and be safe.

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