How Much Is A Cruise To Hawaii For Spring Break?

How much is a cruise to Hawaii for spring break? A spring break cruise to Hawaii can cost you your liver, your sanity, or your innocence.

However, if you're speaking of cost in dollar amounts, a spring break cruise to Hawaii will cost, on average, $2,000, based on the cost of the stateroom, airfare and non-included onboard expenses such as alcoholic beverages.

First things first; while most major cruise lines sail to Hawaii, only two—Princess and Holland America—sail from the continental U.S to Hawaii during peak spring break season in March, while Norwegian Cruise Line offers the fiftieth state's only intra-island cruises.  The cruise lines' ships all offer a variety of staterooms representing a range of prices.  The interior stateroom is the most basic—typically two twin beds that can be moved together to form a queen bed, and no ocean view—and is therefore the cheapest on every cruise line. According to Norwegian's web site, on a seven-day roundtrip cruise from Honolulu on Norwegian's Pride of America, an interior stateroom costs $1,049 total per person. As the caliber of the room increases, so does the price—on the same trip, an ocean view room costs $1,199, and a suite is $2,799.  Included in the cost of the room is all onboard meals and entertainment—alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, and tipping are extra.

The length of the cruise also plays a factor in the cost.  A fourteen-day roundtrip cruise from Los Angeles on Princess' Golden Princess runs from $1,599 (interior stateroom) to $2,799 (suite).  It should be taken into consideration that longer cruises include more ports of call, as well as more time to enjoy the ship's amenities.

Timing is important, too.  The same interior stateroom on Norwegian's seven-day cruise can vary in price from year to year (sometimes, the same suite can be several hundred dollars less, depending on when it is booked).

Bargain hunting travelers may turn to discount travel web sites for deals, but buyer beware—a cheaper rate is not always guaranteed.  An interior stateroom on Princess' Golden Princess can be booked on for $1,645 for spring break 2011, compared to $1,995 as advertised on Princess' web site.  Meanwhile, the cost of a fourteen-day roundtrip cruise from San Deigo on Holland America's Ms Zaandam in 2011 costs the same whether the trip is booked through the cruise line or a discount travel site—$1,599 for an interior room, $1,799 for an oceanview room, $2,999 for a verandah suite, and, for those looking to splurge, $6,999 for a deluxe verandah suite.

For cruisers who do not live within driving distance of their port of call, it is also important to factor in the cost of airfare to and potentially a hotel in the port city.  This can add several hundred dollars to the total trip cost, although many cruise lines do offer packages for airfare.  And don't forget about those bar tabs—drinks on board the ship and in ports of call are an out-of-pocket expense, as are coconut bras, pineapples, and those "My friend went to Hawaii and all I got is this lame T-shirt" souvenirs.

Depending on the type of stateroom, length of the cruise and proximity to the departure port, a spring break cruiser should budget at least $1,000, and possibly as much as $5,000 for a Hawaiian cruise.  As prices are subject to change, it is best to check with the cruise line or a travel agent before booking a cruise and saying "Aloha" to fun on the high seas!



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