How Much Do Nurses Make

Wondering how much do nurses make? The average wage for a nurse was $62,500 in May 2008. However, there are many factors that determine how much money a nurse can earn. Read on to learn how much money you can make as a nurse.

Finding out how much do nurses make does require some research. Nurses that work in employment services will most likely make the most money. Employment services nurses can earn up to $68,000 a year in some parts of the country if they are a registered nurse. Typically, employment services nurses will work for a temporary job agency under a contract. Keep in mind that the salary a nurse makes vary due to skills and education.

Contacting a hospital nurse recruiter is a good way to find out how much do nurses make. General medical and surgical hospital nurses make about $63,900 per year. A nurse that works in a hospital setting will normally have more benefits and opportunity for overtime pay which can increase their income levels. It is not unusual for some nurses to make up to $100,000 per year. The nursing specialty also determines how much money a nurse make. For example, a surgical orthopedic nurse will make more money than a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Applying for a job as a nurse at a physician’s office is another way to find out how much do nurses make.  In a doctor’s office, the salary is about $59,000 per year depending on many factors. For example, a doctor will take into consideration a person’s experience before the hiring process starts. A medical doctor’s practice in California will pay more money than one located in a rural Georgia county. Most doctors’ offices do not pay as well as hospitals and surgical centers due to smaller profit margins and government red tape.

By locating and applying for work at a Home Health Agency or a Nursing Care Facility, you can find out how much do nurses make. Nurses that work for Home Health Agencies can expect to make on average $58,700 per year. Nurses in a skilled Nursing Care Facility can expect to make $57,000 per year on average. Nurses that are in charge or are nurse managers can make a six figure income. Some nurses make less that $43,000 a year. So, how much do nurses make? They make about $62,500 on average per year.

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