How Much Do WWE Wrestlers Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered: how much do WWE Wrestlers get paid? A lot of people would assume that because WWE wrestling is mostly acting and not a sport like baseball, that WWE wrestlers don't get paid much.  But when you start to think about what being a WWE wrestler involves, you get a different perspective.

The life of a WWE wrestler involves a similar life to a pop or rock star on tour.  WWE wrestlers are on the road almost all of the time; about 300 days a year.  There is a lot of acting in WWE wrestling, training to make things look like "wrestling", and staying in shape. Of course what you see on a WWE wrestling shows is a lot of drama, also known as acting.  And when WWE wrestlers are on the road, the majority of them are without their wives, girlfriends, kids and family. Plus, the hours are for someone who barley sleeps, since the WWE wrestling matches require going into different time zones and going from one WWE wrestling show to the next.

Exactly how much is a WWE wrestler's salary? Well, it varies a lot. It depends on how popular a particular WWE wrestler is.  Back in 2006 the more popular, well-known WWE wrestlers earned about $786,000.  Which means that if these WWE wrestlers are still under contract, they're earning quite a bit more now. Even the lower earning, lesser known WWE wrestlers were paid around $43,000 back in 2006.  The highest paid WWE wrestler in 2006 earned more than one million dollars a year, including perks like fancy transportation and free hotel stays.

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