How Much Does The Average Golfer Spend Per Year?

How much does the average golfer spend per year? Golf can be very expensive. The average golfer spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on their favorite hobby, on green fees, on the latest clubs and top-of-the-line golf balls. But that all depends on who you ask. A 2009 survey of the American golfer conducted by Golf Magazine found that the average golfer will spend $2,776 per year to satisfy there cravings for the links. 

The bulk of the money the average golfer spends per year is on equipment. A set up clubs can cost more than $1,000. That's just a three-iron through pitching wedge, or 10 clubs. Then there's the driver, the club that will launch the ball the furthest off the tee; this weapon can cost up to $500. Utility wedges come next, and they, on average, cost about $90 each; there are usually two of these in a golf bag. Then there's the putter, which, can cost more than $300. Add that all up and that is, well, a lot of dough. That's not even factoring the clothes that golfers wear, the balls they use–and depending on skill level, that could be a lot–and other accessories. 

Additionally, the average golfer spends thousands each year playing the game. A green fee at a local golf club can be about $30, and then you'll have to pay more to ride a golf cart. To play premium courses, the average golfer spends hundreds of dollars each year just for one round of golf. Pebble Beach golf course in California, a famous public course that flanks the Monterey Peninsula and offers jaw-dropping views on most of its holes, costs $495. The aforementioned 2009 survey found that 44 percent of those surveyed said that Pebble Beach was worth that much money to play. That seems like a lot to some golfers. But not to others. The survey found that 2 percent of golfers spend $15,000 each year. 

In addition to clubs and golf course fees, the average golfer spends a lot of money on traveling to play golf. In addition to filling up the tank to play local and regional tracks, the average golfer each year will pay for destination courses in popular spots like Myrtle Beach, SC, Pinehurst, NC, among others. 

2009 Survey of the American Golfer

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