How Much Does A Kia Sorento 6 Cyclider Cost

How much does a Kia Sorento 6 cylinder cost, you ask? Well, you'll have to determine which one you want before you can answer that question. Kia first introduced the Sorento in 2003. The Kia Sorento 6 Cylinder kicked off its second generation in 2009, offering more options and a new body style. For 2011 models, prices are up, alloy wheels are standard and the Sorento stands strong; hailing from Korea with one of the most competitive warranties in it's class.

  1. Determine what year model Kia Sorento 6 cylinder you want. Choose between the years 2003 and present, as the Kia Sorento 6 cylinder was available in all years up to present. Research different models online, using popular sites like Edmunds or Yahoo. Take advantage of the appraisal options offered on the research sites to get a better idea of pricing.
  2. Research the classifieds and dealers in your area to get an idea of pricing for the Kia Sorento 6 cylinder without having to step foot into a dealer. Use your local newspaper, internet classifieds or any other site that shows detailed listings and pricing.
  3. Go to Kia's website to check out the newest model. Click on the Sorento and build the vehicle to figure your pricing with different options. Go to the deals and rebates section to see what kind of money the manufacturer might give you to purchase a brand-new Kia Sorento 6 cylinder.
  4. Walk around Kia dealer lots if you really want to get a feel for pricing. Check out new and used models in person. Be careful, though; even if you only to to look, you might just walk into the right salesperson and end up with a new car!
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