How Much Electricity Does A Plasma TV Use?

Knowing how much electricity a plasma TV uses factors into the decision-making of purchasing one. Televisions such as these are reputable for their high quality screen image. Plasma TVs are great additions to your entertainment center, but what about the amount of electricity they use? You may be surprised to learn they don't cost as much as you think.

An eight hour test period rated how much electricity a plasma TV uses by taking five different 50 inch televisions and monitoring their power consumption. Each plasma TV was tested under "normal," "daylight," or "standard" mode. Each plasma TV was programmed at various levels of cable and hard disc recording settings for accurate readings. Testing the electrical use of the plasma TV group was recorded with a data logging monitor attached to a power consumption meter.

Throughout the eight hour test period, electricity used in the five plasma TVs averaged a kilowatt hour rating of 2.94. This evaluation of how much electricity the plasma TVs used, was given a base rate of eight cents per kilowatt hour for the entire group. This gave the electrical use of all five plasma TVs a total of 23.6 cents. That amount was multiplied by 30 days (23.6 x 30 days), giving the total electricity used by the plasma TV group as $7.08.

The overall results of how much electricity is consumed by plasma TVs show their cost of operation is low.  Monthly electrical use for plasma TVs doesn't cost anymore than a tall cup of coffee.


Plasma Display Coalition



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