How Much Horsepower Does A Mazda RX-7 Have?

When attempting to determine how much how much horsepower does a Mazda RX-7 have,  you first have to decide which RX-7 you are looking at. Introduced in 1979 as a replacement for the popular RX-3, Mazda introduced the more powerful and sleeker RX-7. The RX-7 lived through 3 generations, or total make-overs, from 1979 until it was replaced by the RX-8 in 2003. The first generation which ranged in years from 1979 until 1985, was the most popular model for the RX-7 as there were a total of 471,018 RX-7's produced.

The first generation of the RX-7's re-introduced Mazda as a premier motorsport competitor. For the street models, there were a variety of model trim and performance packages based around their 2 main powerplants. The first of which, and the standard for the first few years of production was the 100 horsepower 1.1 liter 4 cylinder engine. This engine allowed the car to reach speeds of over 120 miles per hour, and along with it's handling, was regarded as one of the highest caliber cars of its era. Following that engine was the 1.3 liter, 135 horsepower 4 cylinder. Both of these engines were rotary engines and were so smooth, even at high rpm's, that Mazda had to fit a buzzer to alert the driver when the 7,000 rpm red-line was approaching.

Following the tremendous success of the first generation Mazda RX-7, Mazda totally redesigned and re-engineered the model and was reminiscent of the Porsche 944 in style. This generation lasted from 1986 until 1991. The first available engine was the 146 horsepower 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine and was later followed by a turbo-charged version rated at 182 horsepower. In 1986, the turbocharged Mazda RX-7 won Motor Trend's import car of the year award, the first for the Mazda marque. In 1989, Mazda re-engineered the engines for the RX-7 once again, and this time the 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine produced 160 horsepower while the turbocharged version rated at 202 horsepower. These models not only received an enhancement in the horsepower category, but in the handling and ride comfort categories as well.

In 1992, Mazda realized that it not only had one tough act to follow, but due to the tremendous successes of the first two generations, it had two tough acts to follow. For the next 10 years, Mazda continued to improved its racing reputation through the RX-7 and the third generation was not to be any different. Even though the third generation had the fewest numbers built, the popularity of the RX-7 did not wane. The re-designed RX-7 for 1992 offered a 252 horsepower 1.3 liter four cylinder engine which was followed by a 261 horsepower and a 276 horsepower 1.3 liter four cylinder engine over those ten years. The Mazda RX-7 has enjoyed many successes throughout its illustrious reign both on and off the track all the while becoming one of the greatest cars of the modern era.

Mazda retired the RX-7 in 2002, and it was replaced by the RX-8 which has carried on the great racing and enthusiast heritage that was started by the RX-7. For followers and devotees of the RX-7, it is not hard to imagine the draw and allure of the RX-7. With its smooth rotary engine, high horsepower to weight ratio and superb handling, it is not wonder the RX-7 has become a collector car. Finding an answer to how much horsepower a Mazda RX-7 has is not difficult as long as you know which model you are looking for as your dream ride.


Mazda RX-7 History

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