How Much Is An Indiana Hunting Permit?

The cost of an Indiana hunting permit depends on your residency, what you hunt, your age, and some other special circumstances.  The Indiana Department of Natural Resources defines a resident as “a person whose true fixed and permanent home and principal residence has been in Indiana for 60 consecutive days prior to purchasing a license or permit and who does not claim residency for hunting…in another state.”

 License Information for 2009-2010 Season:

A resident adult Indiana hunting permit costs $17.00 for the annual hunting license, $25.00 for hunting and fishing combined. Senior residents get an annual fishing tag for $3.00 or a “Fish for Life” license for $17.00. There is an additional $11.00 stamp required for trout or salmon. Disabled American veterans pay $2.75 for the combined license, but must pay the additional fees for deer or turkey.  An annual trapping license is $17.00. A deer permit is $24.00 for the first deer, with additional antler-less licenses for $15.00 each. Turkey permits are $25.00 per season for the fall or spring season, and also require a $6.75 game bird habitat stamp. There is another $6.75 stamp required for waterfowl hunting.

Resident youth 17 years of age and younger can buy a combined Indiana hunting permit for $7.00 which covers hunting, trapping, and fishing, including turkey, deer and waterfowl. This fee also includes the stamps for game birds, trout and salmon, and the Indiana migratory bird stamp, but hunters 16 and over must purchase the federal migratory bird stamp.

Non-resident adult hunting fees are $80.00 for the annual hunting license or $31.00 for a five-day hunting license. There is no combined license for non-residents, but you can buy an annual fishing license for $35.00, a one-day for $9.00, or a seven-day for $20.00. The one-day includes your trout or salmon stamp. An annual trapping license is $140.00. The deer tag will set you back $150.00, and additional antler-less deer licenses are $24.00 each. Turkey licenses cost $120.00 each for the fall or spring season, plus the game bird stamp for $6.75. Waterfowl hunters also need a $6.75 stamp.

Youth non-resident hunters get a discount on these fees, with a $17.00 annual hunting license fee, $24.00 for deer, and $25.00 per season for turkey. There is no discount for non-resident youth anglers, but their trapping licenses are reduced to $17.00. Non-resident youths under 18 years old qualify for resident youth Indiana hunting permits if they have resident parents, grandparents or guardians.

Exceptions: Landowners or lessees of farmland, along with their spouses and children living at home, are not required to have a permit to hunt, fish or trap on land they own or lease, with exceptions for land owned by businesses which are not completely family-owned.

Additional Information: Hunters born after December 31, 1986 must obtain a hunter education certificate or hunt as an apprentice. Those hunting migratory birds must complete a Harvest Information Program (HIP) form and receive a HIP number.



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