How Much Shoes Do Nike Produce?

Are you wondering how much shoes does Nike produce? “Just do it” and a simple black sign has been turned into a worldwide phenomenon regarding sportswear, as well as footwear over the past twenty years, but how many shoes does Nike really produce in a year? Produce is a tricky work for Nike, as Nike corporate doesn't employ any shoe makers directly. However, Nike manages to sell over five million shoes annually, generating income that exceeds twenty billion dollars every year.  With stores spread all over the world and the best publicity, Nike remains people’s number one choice when it comes to dressing sporty.

Famous for its celebrity commercials and sponsorships for various sport teams, Nike accounts for 80% of the Basketball shoe market. This three Billion dollar market alone has made the corporation a world renowned brand with an ever evolving series of models available worldwide. Nowadays, Nike has become more than just a simple sports business. Ranking as number one when it comes to choosing the best sport gear, the multi-billion dollar firm is certainly on top.

Most shoes produced by Nike are made mostly in the third world. The number of five million pairs a year hold true throughout the last twenty years, meaning Nike has produced over 100 million pairs of shoes since the 1980's.

It should be noted that Nike itself does not make any of these shoes. technically speaking, Nike outsources their shoe making responsibilities to independent shoe factories in South East Asia. Nike describes itself as company that makes advertisements rather than any specific product. despite this, Nike is irrevocably associated with the shoes and athletic products that bear its name.

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