How Much Is The SXSW Bracelet?

How much is the SXSW bracelet? The SXSW bracelet is priceless during the week long film and music festival in Austin, TX granting no cover access to venues and showcases. SXSW is short for South by Southwest and showcases hundreds of music acts on over fifty stages in the downtown Austin area.

The non-transferable / non-refundable SXSW bracelet costs $129 for advance purchase online, $165 for advance in person sale, and $180 for normal price. Purchasing the bracelet early on can save you a ton of money but when purchasing an advance bracelet online you must have an Austin billing address. This rule has been put in place to deter scalpers from being able to buy up the bracelets and selling them at a higher cost. Another strict restriction put in place when purchasing as SXSW bracelet and the limit is two per customer. Whether purchasing one or two bracelets, one of those has got to be for the purchaser. That means you cannot purchase a bracelet for a friend without purchasing one for yourself. No tampering of any kind with the SXSW bracelet will be tolerated and you could be refused entry if any stretching or tears appears.

The biggest benefit for purchasing a SXSX wristband is free access to all venues and showcases before single ticket admissions start. Always remember that the wristband does not guarantee access, only guarantees no cover so get there early before capacity is at the maximum. Having a wristband guarantees entry into showcases before regular ticket holders but after badge holders. Age restrictions also apply to SXSW bracelet holders and no exceptions will be had to let underage people into bars/clubs with a age minimum.

Source: SXSW Official Site

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