How Much Television Do Americans Watch?

When you have been sitting in front of the tube for a couple of hours, you may wonder how much televisions do Americans watch? Of course you're wondering if you're in the high or low end of the curve, since you only watch a couple of DVR'd shows per week Let's see how you stack up against the statistics.

The average American child spends a good chunk of his or her childhood in front of a television. The average child spends 1,680 minutes in front of a television per week. At least one television is located in the homes of 99% of people in the United States, giving children the ability to watch television for more hours than they are actively participating in school. Under the age of eighteen, the rate of television Americans watch is averaged at 1,500 hours per year.

Younger adults watch slightly more television than children. The American demographic of 18-24 olds chalk an average of 151 hours of viewing per month. As adults age, however, the rate goes up incrementally. The middle aged demographic watches for 158 hours per week, while senior citizens watch the most television. The senior age group of those 65 and older watches nearly seven hours per day or 207 hours per month.

In recent years, television viewing in the teen and adult age group has began to drop as mobile viewing and computer video has become more available. Those in the 18-24 age bracket watch less television than ever before, preferring to view programming on websites such as Youtube and Hulu. The thirteen to seventeen bracket is also starting to watch less TV in favor of online video; 6 1/2 hours a month are devoted to watching online programs.


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