How Much Is Too Much Penis Curvature?

Have you wondered how much is too much penis curvature? This article should help shed some light on the issue. 

The first thing to keep in mind is penis curvature is normal. In about half of the male population has some kind of curvature in the penis. The only time curvature is a problem is if you are bothered by it. If the curvature is painful in any way, seek medical advice.

However, if your penis has a right angle when it is erect, you may have something that is different from penis curvature. You may have what is called Peyronie's disease or bent penis, put simply. Even though it has a very technical name and has the word "disease" in its name, it is not a disease. It is simply a condition that is easily fixed. It can happen as a result of an injury to your penis. What happens is scar tissue becomes a mass in your penis and since it is taking up space, it makes your penis become bent when you get an erection. So you see, it is not a disease at all. To eliminate this so you have a straight erection, there are several methods, which include surgery and stimulation. The most effective and safest way to correct this is penile traction. It is less expensive than the other options as well.

Remember that curvature can actually be very satisfying during sex. The right curvature can help reach the G-spot spot in women. It can be especially satisfying in the doggy style position. So before you jump to the conclusion that no woman would want to be with a man because he has a curved penis, try talking to your girlfriend. You both may be pleasantly surprised.  

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