How Much Weight Can I Lose Hiking For 45 Minutes?

If you have recently gotten into hiking, you may be asking yourself, "How much weight can I lose hiking for 45 minutes?" Burning lots of calories by hiking will help you lose weight. Hiking is fun and challenging, and the good news is you can melt away pounds while doing it. To lose weight with hiking, you should consider your current weight, the terrain of the hiking area and the speed at which you hike, because they all play a factor in determining how many calories you’ll burn and how much weight you can lose while hiking.

  1. Do the math. Calories and weight loss come down to numbers, and while it might not be much fun to keep track of many numbers, some numbers are good to know. Knowing your weight will help you know how many calories you burn doing anything. For instance, a man weighing 155 pounds will burn about 135 calories hiking in 45 minutes, and a man weighing 185 pounds will burn around 200 calories. Knowing how many calories you burn can help you plan where and how long to hike.
  2. Make it challenging. Hiking isn’t just walking around. It’s up to you to make the experience one that is more challenging and where you will burn calories and lose weight while you’re having fun. You can add a backpack or you can choose to hike on terrain that is hilly. Hiking at four miles per hour burns about 250 calories in 45 minutes. The extra exertion you need climbing up hills can add an extra 40 or 50 calories to your total burn. Take on mountain climbing and you can burn between 374 and 450 calories in 45 minutes. A man weighing 155 pounds will burn around 265 calories with an additional 40 pounds in a backpack.
  3. Keep it safe. Ease into any strenuous activity by walking and warming up for a couple of minutes before tackling the uphill climb. Take moments to stretch while you are hiking. Carry water to stay hydrated and, above all else, wear appropriate shoes. Don’t take it too easy; burning calories means you’ll need to push yourself to get your heart rate up and keep it up. Challenge yourself safely.
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