How Much Will A Car Cost To Rent In Toyo?

Are you wondering how much will a car cost to rent in Tokyo? Whether you are traveling on business or vacation, once you reach your destination, you’ll want to rent a car.  This goes for almost any country that you are traveling too. If you are heading to Japan and Tokyo in particular, then renting a car for city isn’t the best idea.  Unless you are planning on heading out into the rural areas, you should save the car costs and just use public transportation.

  1. Once a visitor reaches Japan, they will need to have a Japanese driver’s license or an international license to rent a car there. Japan’s metropolitan areas are like any other. High traffic volume, the frustration of getting from one place to another and even worse if you don’t know the city itself. Buses are going to be a cheaper and better way to navigate Tokyo. Their subways are also another way to move around Tokyo.
  2. Instead of thinking about the hassle of a subway system or buses that take you to places you don’t want to go, the decision to rent a car comes back to the forefront. First off, as stated before, you will need an international drivers permit, unless you are from one of the countries that Japan recognizes. Such as Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, etc. Check with your country before leaving to see if you can pick up an international permit or if that permit is even valid once you reach Japan. If you can’t, you’ll need to get a Japanese drivers license.  You also must be 18 to drive in Tokyo.
  3.  Car rental places are all over: Budget, Avis, Toyota, Mazda, Hertz and Nippon are just a few.They may not have any service information in English, so you will need to know Japanese. The following information is a rough guide to the how much a car costs to rent in Tokyo; it is a good idea to recheck the rates before leaving:
  • Small Car – 6000 yen
  • Mid-size – 10000 yen
  • Full-size – 15000 yen
  • Mandatory Insurance – 1000 yen


Rates can fluctuate on the dollar vs. the Yen.

In  case you’d like to just pay a car for hire, they do have those in Japan as well.  It may be a good idea to check them out beforehand.  It all depends on what you are comfortable with when traveling.


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