How Naked Can A Stripper Get At A Bachelor Party

When a Best Man thinks about what would pop off a party for the Groom, the first thought to instantly come to mind is a stripper… Or four.; but the question everybody asks is "how naked can a stripper get at a bachelor party?" This is a wonderful question and usually never one that can be answered by a columnist, which should be the first hint.

A stripper can technically get as naked as she wants and do as much as she wants, inside the legal limits obviously. If you do not ask a stripper what she will do though, she will not offer other services most of the time. Now a lot of strippers will work for their money but many of them will offer other services to you if everything falls into the right place. Remember that strippers are not the normal ones that work in clubs and generally hate men (although some very well may). But this means that they are party entertainers and will help entertain the party from lap dances to special shows. What their special shows are range from stripper to stripper and usually cost extra but for the Groom, money should not be an option. Many of these special shows involve the stripper getting as naked as she wants and doing things a normal stripper wouldn't do, inside the legal limits once again.

Multiple stripper parties involve the same limitations and suggestions although make sure that the strippers all know about each other or work for the same agency, as it could be a train wreck otherwise. The benefits of hiring strippers from the same agency usually relates back to how naked a stripper can get as, when working in groups, strippers offer special shows that will have them get as naked as they want together. Special shows such as this will also probably equal to extra money although it should once again be pointed out that this is the Groom's last day unmarried and he should get everything he wants. But it should once again be noted that this all comes down to the stripper as to how naked she wants to get rather than how naked can she get.

To help along the question of how naked a stripper can get (which is more a rhetorical question than a real question), interview the stripper on this beforehand. As stated earlier, it is all up to the stripper so ask these questions beforehand. Ask what the rate is, what they will do at the party and if she, or they, come with any special shows that might cost a bit more. They will then lay down their rules and what they expect from the party planner and guests before anything is agreed upon.

Also, realize the guests themselves will need to follow etiquette otherwise the entire deal is off and the Best Man will be left with money shelled out and no strippers. And what would a Bachelor Party be like without naked women entertaining the guests and, more importantly, the groom?

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