How to Name Football Plays

Need to know how to name football plays? Naming football plays is contingent upon a variety of factors, as there are different plays associated to the actions on the field. In order to name a football play, it is important to understand how current football plays are named.

  1. The first step is to establish what type of play is it. Each unit has terminology specific to its own function. Once a determination is made on which unit the play is designed for then naming a play can continue.
  2. The next step is establishing the actions of the players on the field. For offense this is normally done first by figuring out if the play is a pass or run. If it is a pass then a route name or player name may be assigned to the play name. If it's a running play then it is normally going to be named by the type and direction of the run. The formation of the offense will also be a factor in the naming of the play.
  3. Defense runs the same way. Say the play being designed calls for the linebacker to blitz the a gap. It would be ideal to name the play based on the action of the player. Defense also has what is called coverage formations. They usually deal with cornerbacks and safeties. It is important to know where the secondary needs to be placed, as coverage areas are often determined by the type of coverage named.
  4. Once the coach has a familiar grasp of basic football terminology and where they want each player to be placed on each play, then naming football plays becomes a lot easier. While it may seem like a daunting task, naming plays becomes much easier when both the coach and players understand the game more. Naming football plays correctly is important because it causes less confusion for the players on the field and allows the play to be better executed when everyone is on the same page.



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