How To Name A Restaurant

Are you pondering how to name a restaurant? There are several different things to consider when thinking of how to name your restaurant. What type of food will you be serving? Will you have a bar? What hours of operation will you have? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a name for your restaurant. This article will outline the basic steps to forming the name for your amazing food joint.

  1. You are creating a new brand, so to speak. Therefore, it's always best to come up with a very original name for your restaurant. Think of something unique that people will be able to remember, only because it was so different. This isn't saying you should come up a with bogus name, it should relate to whatever types of food and events will be taking place. However, it's important to have a restaurant name that will hang in the consumers mind. Consider aspects like initals, special numbers, or nicknames when incorporating a name for your restaurant.
  2. Make it easy to remember. This goes hand-in-hand with original creating your "brand." Consumers generally remember things that are catchy and eye-catching at the same time. Your restaurant name shouldn't be hard to pronounce or more than three words long. This will only be harder to advertise and also harder for any consumers to remember in their minds.
  3. Never use trademarks or common themes. If you want to name a restaurant, one of the best policies is to stay away from trademarks and common themes and phrases. If you are creating a pizza joint, it's not smart to name it "Pizza Hut at so-and-so" or anything of that nature. If you get my drift, instead try something unique. If you are not sure if the name is trademarked, please consider looking it up online before creating it. Also, corny themes for restaurants are very played out. If you are serving home cooking, don't consider naming is "Home Cookin' Food' instead try something more personable, such as "Kay's Soul Food."
  4. Think of accessibility. Not many people consider the fact that when consumers want to try a new restaurant, they look through the phone book. This is why it's important to have a name more than three words long and try to have a common beginning. Think of alphabetizing. If people are looking for Chinese food, the first thing they do is thumb through the "C's" in the phone book. The same goes with any type of food. Relate your restaurant name to whatever type of food you will be serving.
  5. Be Lively. If your restaurant is going to involve a bar, you need to come up with a restaurant name that will instinctively catch the eyes of consumers looking for pubs that also serve food, and ditto goes for events such as karaoke and other forms of entertainment. Take in to consideration that many consumers hunt down new joints for hanging out, dates and friendly outings. If you want to open a restaurant that involves foods and drinks, come up with something lively that will catch the eye of consumers wanting to have a good time and have great food.
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