How To Naturally Avoid Impotence

Make some changes to your lifestyle in order to learn how to naturally avoid impotence. Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, occurs when you are unable to ejaculate or unable to get an erection in order to have sex. It is a frustrating condition for many men, but steps can be taken to naturally avoid impotence.

  1. Get out and exercise at least several times a week. Sustaining an erection requires proper blood flow. One way to naturally avoid impotence is to improve your blood flow by strengthening your heart and muscles. Try to exercise for at least a half an hour a day, five days a week to start and work your way up. Take things easy at first, start out by walking, then work your way up to running or bicycling. You can also play a sport you enjoy.
  2. Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary to avoid impotence. Smoking messes up your circulation, in addition to damaging other parts of your body, which leads to impotence. Talk with your doctor if you need help quitting or join a support group. Too much alcohol also leads to impotence. Limit yourself to no more than two drinks a day, though less is even better.
  3. Calm down. Too much stress in your life can make cause erectile dysfunction. It may be hard to eliminate all stress from your life, but you should do the best you can to reduce much of it. Try relaxation techniques, talking with a friend or loved one or generally avoiding taking on too much in order to avoid impotence. If your stress levels are extremely high, you may need to seek medical help in order to reduce them.
  4. Get any diseases under control. Some diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems and kidney problems can lead to impotence. With the help of your doctor, make adjustments to your diet, such as cutting out or back on sugary or high fat foods. You may need to take medication to get your condition under control in order to avoid impotence.
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