How To Navigate A Blackberry With No Trackball

This article will help you learn how to navigate a BlackBerry with no trackball. A BlackBerry is meant to be used with a trackball but there are some shortcuts you can learn to navigate without one. You won’t be able to navigate to all BlackBerry applications without the trackball but you will be able to navigate to some of them.

  1. To navigate without a trackball turn on shortcuts. The shortcuts are initially turned off when you buy a BlackBerry. To turn them on press the green call send button. Press the menu key on the keyboard. Click on Options by pressing the enter key. Press enter key again and select General Options. (You scroll down to different fields by pressing the enter key. When you press the enter key it scrolls down to the next, etc.)
  2. Halfway down the screen you should see Dial from Home Screen. Press ENTER until YES is highlighted, press ALT and the NO will appear press the N to highlight NO and ENTER.
  3. To save the settings hit the back escape key that is right of the trackball. Save should be highlighted but if it is not press the S for Save. The shortcut keys on your BlackBerry are now enabled and you will be able to navigate your BlackBerry with not trackball.
  4. The shortcuts you can use from the home screen are the following. Press H=Help, G=Google Talk, T=Tasks, L=Calendar, U-Calculator, A=Address Book, D=Memo Pad and B=Browser.

You should now be able to navigate your BlackBerry with no trackball.



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