How To Negotiate With An Auto Insurance Adjuster

You must know how to negotiate with an auto insurance adjuster if you want to get the best settlement possible after an auto accident. It is important to remember that the adjuster’s job is to get you to accept as little money as possible and to close the claim quickly. 

  1. Provide documentation. The auto insurance adjuster will most likely request specific pieces of documentation. He will need this to come up with a dollar figure for the settlement. 
  2. Wait to see what the auto insurance adjuster offers before you negotiate. The adjuster will have a range that he is allowed to offer and will most likely start at the lowest dollar amount.
  3. Have a number in mind. Decide what the lowest dollar amount is that you will accept, and make a counter offer that is a lot higher than your lowest dollar amount. 
  4. Continue to negotiate with counter offers. He will most likely try to meet you half way. Continue with the counter offer discussions until he reaches the top of the range that he is authorized to give you. 
  5. Contact the adjuster’s supervisor. If you are still unsatisfied with the settlement offer, contact his supervisor. Have full documentation available, and explain why you feel that the settlement should be higher. 
  6. Request a mediator or arbitrator. Your auto insurance policy may include a clause that states that both parties must agree to have a mediator or arbitrator resolve the dispute between you and your auto insurance adjuster. When this type of clause is included in your policy, you are usually not allowed to sue the company. The decision made by the arbitrator or mediator is final.
  7. Contact a car accident attorney. If you are not comfortable with negotiating yourself, you can hire an attorney to do it for you. The accident attorney will take a fee or a percentage of the settlement as payment for his services.


How to Negotiate a Personal Injury Settlement with an Insurance Company

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