How To Negotiate For Car Discounts

Learning how to negotiate for car discounts will allow you to get a good price on a new or used car.  Negotiating requires some knowledge of the process.  With some direction you can learn how to negotiate to get the price you want.

  1. Use an online quote feature if possible.  When you want to negotiate for car discounts, getting an online quote, especially for new cars, is a great way to get a reasonable quote before making contact with anyone.  Dealerships are aware of online shoppers who do their homework.  You will normally be able to get a respectable price initially from here.  Make sure it is for the exact year and model, with any options.  Also make sure they have it on the lot, or it may not be upheld. You want to be ready to negotiate for car discounts.
  2. Make sure you get as many quotes as possible for your top choices.  You want to be able to compare quotes for different dealers for the same makes.  Getting dealerships to outbid each other is a quick way to end unreasonable prices.  See what's within driving distance of your home for the top models you're interested in, and be prepared to start to negotiate for car discounts.
  3. Use good timing.  Take advantage of the times of the year in which steep discounts can normally be seen, such as in the end of the year sales that take place. This will put you in a good position to negotiate for car discounts.
  4. Negotiate for car discounts directly and use options.  You should not be afraid to ask the dealer to come down on a price.  One of the best ways to leverage this is to simply not be afraid to go somewhere else.  If you aren't comfortable with the dealer's price, go somewhere else. If the dealer knows you are ready to walk out, he may meet your price requirements so that he won't lose a customer.



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