How To Negotiate Hotel Rates

Here are some tips for how to negotiate hotel rates. Hotels sell their rooms for varying rates; here are some tips on how to get the best rate possible next time you are booking a hotel room.

  1. Date flexibility means changing your travel dates, if only by a day or two.  Determine if there are better or worse dates to stay in the place you're visiting, and at the hotel you want to stay at. You might have to change the order in which you visit the destinations that are to be included in your travel itinerary.
  2. If your destination has a major festival, convention, or it is a holiday weekend, hotel rooms will not be negotiable. It will be hard to negotiate hotel rates, because all rooms might be booked. So avoid booking your hotel room during these hectic times.
  3. Some places are more popular at some times of year than at others. Summer destinations will be cheaper to stay at during the empty winter months, and vice versa. So take this into consider when negotiating hotel rates. There may be several different seasons.  And the timings may vary from area to area. 
  4. Negotiate with the hotel. When business is slow, no hotel will turn down a reasonable offer. Most hotels will negotiate and reduce their rates if your dates are flexible, and if they need the business. Despite the possibility of last-minute discounts, it's best to make your reservations long in advance.
  5. Ask if the hotel offers any super saver rates, discounts, or specials. Examples include an AAA or AARP rate or a hotel membership rate. If you fit the bill, request a government or corporate rate. Most hotels will offer some type of discount off the regular rate if they encounter resistance from you. So use this as an advantage to negotiate the hotel rates.
  6. Tell the front desk you're willing to accept a "suite connector." Usually the hotel staff cannot sell the entire multi-room suite at maximum price, and that leaves the sitting room portion, which is connected by a lockable door, available. Usually, the sofa can be converted into a bed, and this provides a nice accommodation at a considerable discount. Or you can request that a roll-away be placed into the sitting room.

Please be sure to confirm all negotiate rates and details directly with the hotel before planning your trip.

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